Warranty & Product Care


GUARANTEED FOR 12 MONTHS. In the unlikely even where you have a reason to complain about the workmanship or materials on your new bed or mattress at any time within 12 months of purchasing it, Contact Customer Services immediately of your complaint with proof of purchase and photographic evidence. We will inspect the bed thoroughly. If the care instructions stated below have been followed, and the complaint is justified, the bed will be replaced or repaired. We will make every effort to match the original materials, but this cannot be guaranteed. Please note certain range of mattresses carry a 5 year warranty where stated with no extra charge.

WARRANTY: If service is required after 12 months and up to 5 years from the date of purchase. Bedmill will, at its discretion, repair or replace the mattress or divan subject to a charge based on 2nd year 30%, 3rd year 50 %, 4th year 60 %, 5th year 80% of the current customer price guide for the purchase plus delivery charges.

Bedmill.co.uk reserve the right to refuse service when any defect is due to causes other than faulty materials or workmanship, or if the item is soiled and in an insanitary condition.

Assembly and Care Instrustions

Bed Installation: To avoid the risk of injury it is recommended that the bed be installed with assistance of a minimum of 2 persons.

Packaging disposal: Remove all polythene and polystyrene protective packaging and dispose of it carefully to avoid any possible injury to children. Please ensure any staples that have been used to fix packaging are carefully removed and disposed of.

Castors: Attach castors by pushing them firmly into position by hand and give them a sharp tap with a mallet or a piece of wood. Do not use a metal object as this may damage the castor or base.

Assembly of base halves: All double sizes are specially made with split divan bases to aid ease of movement. Linking bars are provided. These should be positioned in the correct place, using the pre-drilled holes and then attach with screws provided.

Attachment of headboards: It is important to first decide which divan half is to be used for the headboard attachment. To fit the headboard bolts, locate the 2/4 pre-drilled fixing holes which are approximately 140 mm from either side and 120mm from the top and bottom (these locations are also marked with a sticker) pierce the cloth with a suitable object, then using the plastic washers and bolts provided fasten your headboard struts to the base. Ensure that all headboard bolts are fully tightened.

The use of suitable base: If you have purchased a mattress only and do not use on a base for which it is not designed for. The life of a mattress can be severely shortened by use of an old or unsuitable base. This can also invalidate your guarantee/warranty.

Tufts: Your new mattress was hand tufted by craftsman. The tufts are used to keep the upholstery in place. The tuft twine will break in (by design) if the mattress is misused.

Do's and Dont's

Airing of a new mattress

Allow the mattress to breath for 4 hours before fitting your bedding. This will allow any moisture which may have been trapped by the transit packaging to evaporate. You will also notice that your new bed has an aroma of 'newness' this is normal and will soon fade if aired regularly. This reduces the possibility of body moisture reacting with fabric dyes. About every three months check the headboard and any fittings (where applicable) that they stand considerate strain and may have worked loose. Make sure the castors/glides run freely and remember you may need to protect the carpet or floor surfaces.

Use a mattress protector

Body moisture can cause the dyes used in mattress covering fabric to 'bleed' and mark linen. A quality mattress protector will prevent this and other problems of mattress soiling. This will also validate within the warranty requirements. SOILED OR MARKED MATTRESES ARE NOT COVERED UNDER ANY WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE.

Filling settlement is normal

The fillings in your bed are designed to mould to the shape of your body over the first few weeks of use. This is normal and the comfort of the mattress will be enhanced as it takes on the shape of your body. Filling settlement should not be regarded as a manufacturing defect. Turning the mattress will minimise natural settlement. Remember to turn your mattress over, as well as end to end, at least twice a month during the first year of use, then once a month, thereafter. N.B: 'No-turn' mattresses require rotating from end to end only. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD THE NON - SLEEPING SIDE BE USED AS A SLEEP SURFACE.

Don't roll or bend the mattress

Spring interior is encased in a steel frame that will distort if bent and could remain so permanently.

Don't overload the compartments in storage models

The drawers in storage divans have been designed primarily to hold bed linen, clothing and lightweight items. Excessive weight can cause distortion or damage to the drawers. Over filling them may restrict free movement or cause them to jam.

Don't bounce or sit repeatedly in the same area

This can reduce the lifespan of the mattress and place undue strain on the spring unit.

Don't use chemical or detergent cleaners

These may adversely affect not only the covering material and stitching but also some of the cushioning materials used. In the event of soiling, the mattress may be lightly sponged with a weak solution of soap and water. Excessive wetting can damage with fabric.